When the waves go flat, we hop on our bikes or in the truck. Costa Rica is rife with gravel roads, limitless tracks and empty coasts. Throw the surfboards on the racks, board shorts and wax in our packs, and off we go. Stay at our place some nights, and under the stars for the others. Wake up to the sounds of waves breaking and the smell of breakfast cooking. Surf till you can't surf no more, then hop on the road and off along the coast to the next reef.

Maybe it's a waterfall, or a twisty mountain road. Monkeys, crocodiles, and toucans: we have seen them all. Hike to the sweet sound of a rushing river or be rewarded with a view of the big blue Pacific. This is the rich coast, full of life and beauty and good waves, lots of them. We race against the day and the wind, but we’ll always lose; the trophy is having spent another day on the beach, and a cold brew.