Santa Teresa is slightly off the beaten path, lush rolling green hills, flowing rivers, and swell lines across the Pacific. A small town that welcomes its fair share of visitors, but is just hard enough to get to. A destination that visitors struggle saying goodbye to. Once a small fishing village, Santa Teresa is now dotted with surf hostels, restaurants, boutique retail stores, surf camps, and few fine hotels. The town has just enough amenities to entertain those looking for the finer things in life, while maintaining dirt roads and the rural jungle to keep the spirit of adventure and true character alive. Spread out along a few kilometers of dirt road, you’ll find uncrowded surf breaks all the way down the Pacific coast. Those that explore are often rewarded. Somos is located at the Northern end of town, the front yard, as we lovingly call it, is a white sand beach, where the sun always shines and the waves are always peeling.

Days spent in the warm salty ocean and under the sun. Completed my evenings spent enjoying the diverse cuisine and nights dancing with friends. An enlightening getaway for those willing to explore Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.